1Malaysia People’s Aid BR1M 2017

BR1M is a Governmentís plan to help poor and established in 2012. The basic concept behind this scheme was to give financial help to those families and individuals whose monthly incomes are low to allow them to fight against the elevating living costs. BR1M has included those singles whose gross earnings are less than the prescribed limit.

From its announcement day, the Annual Budget routinely knocked up the BR1M aid to the individuals or families that are suitable for the plan. This is particularly helpful for living costs and sundry expenses. For 2015, with the increased living costs and GST, the Government has increased the BR1M aid for the families and the singles.
What are the prerequisites?

Am I eligible For BR1M 2017?

To be qualified for the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), you have to meet several standards notified by the Government. By this, only those who really need BR1M help will qualify, with the expectations to uplift some of their financial burdens.

Criteria to be Eligible for BR1M?

The primary criterion is that you should be a Malaysian native and dwell in Malaysia at the time of application filing. If youíre the Malaysian living abroad, it can be considered that you donít have any need of assistance and you donít qualify for it. Also, the applicant or his family should be in the low-income category to be considered.
The lowñincome category includes the families whose gross monthly incomes are less than RM3000. These families will qualify for the BR1M assistance of RM950 in 2015. Contrary to the past years, when the BR1M assistance was distributed in lump sum amount, it will be divided into two instalments this year. The first and second one will be of RM300 and will be deposited in Jan and May, whereas the remaining amount of RM350 will be deposited in Sept.
Families having gross monthly income between RM3000 and RM4000 will also qualify for a BR1M assistance of RM750 which will also be paid out in 3 portions, with RM200 to be transferred in Jan and May, and the remaining balance of RM350 to be given out in September.
For those who are single, they should be beyond 21 years old and their gross monthly earning should be up to RM2000 will get the BR1M aid of RM350. This amount will be distributed at the start of 2015, with no accurate date decided yet.
Elder citizens over 60 will also get BR1M assistance if they live alone and their gross monthly earnings are up to RM4000. Every person qualifying for BR1M will be given monetary help of RM650.
Limitations of BR1M:

Your registered name for BR1M should match your name with your bank account. Only individual accounts will be accepted, not the joint ones or companyís accounts.
Former candidates should update their application forms for BR1M 2015, regardless of their applications being accepted or rejected previously.


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