Govt. still intends to keep BR1M scheme

As per Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong, the Government intends to retain the BR1M scheme in spite of Budget 2016 being altered.
“Keeping up BR1M is vital as it goes about as immediate help for those qualified and is an approach to trigger the economy.
“This is as the circulation of BR1M is not restricted to explicit areas. It includes the people from backward areas as well,” Chua said.
But, he refused to talk about the adjustment of the quantum of BR1M donations.

“Here, he said that we are requesting it to expand yet what is vital now is that the Government retain the program,”.
Government Economic Transformation Program (ETP) began in 2012 to facilitate low-income families and comfort the increasing living costs, BR1M is a part of this program.

Under the BR1M scheme in 2016, a total of RM5.346 billion was distributed to about 7.4 million individuals.
The World Bank acknowledged that all these relief programs should be direct, said Chua.
“A positive symbol is the balanced relief on diesel. From that time period, the demand shrank by 30%. This demonstrates the decline was because of spillages when there was an endowment on diesel.

Furthermore, the Government is intended to proceed the BR1M scheme as we are affirming that this will reduce any flaw backs, will act as the direct help to the individual and will have many positive effects in rural and urban areas.
With the economy requiring consideration, Chua said, the Government was attempting to improve the nation’s consumption.


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