How to apply for BR1M 2017

How to apply for BR1M 2017

BR1M scheme can be requested from two platforms, any person can request offline by submitting the application forms to the designated locations or can apply online. For online applications, you should visit to continue with your application or to keep updating your information on your application forms time by time.
On the site, there are user guidelines give as well that demonstrate to you before applying for BR1M, including data for first-time applicants, updating the information of returning/ current applicants, checking BR1M eligibility status, a list of BR1M affirmed banks, and how to complete the BR1M application forms.

How to Apply offline:
To apply for BR1M or to redesign your data disconnected, You may likewise get the significant shape by going to any of these areas:
Government Development Department of your state (ICU), Information Department (KKMM), Any LHDN branch, Social Welfare Department (JKM).
After finishing your BR1M application form, bring along a duplicate of your MyKad and submit your form to any of the above locations to finish your BR1M application.

How to Apply online:
While applying online, you can visit where you can either submit a new application under the “Permohonan Baru” tab or update your current information under the “Kemas Kini Permohonan” tab. In both cases, your MyKad no. will be demanded first. It should be noted that a person can apply for BR1M online only if he has his/ her MyKad no. Whereas, a person having other documents than MyKad no. can apply offline.
On the off chance that an immediate box gives the idea that demonstrates to you that your BR1M exists, this implies you have submitted your application form for BR1M earlier and ought not to fill up another application form. You should go on updating your information in the current application form under the Kemas Kini Permohonan tab.
You should fill the given fields with your information in part A. Your MyKad information will be automatically uploaded and canĂ­t be overwritten then. In Part B, you ought to fill in the data about your family members and relevant pay. Part C identifies with the BR1M mourning plan, and you ought to fill in points of interest if relevant.
After filling all fields, you should submit your information and affirm that all data is precise.
Updating the Application Forms Online
For the existing BR1M candidates, you will be demanded to answer a security question before continuing updating your information. You will be demanded to recheck your information and update any fields that need to be edited, like changes in home address, in the income or any other detail if relevant.
Upon finishing, submit the data be updated and affirm that all data is correct. Above all, double check that your bank account details are correct as the aid will be directly transfer in bank accounts.


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