Not simply money help: BR1M 2017 to get upgraded

Not simply money help: BR1M 2017 to get upgraded, including training programs

The famous 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) program is set to experience an overhaul, which will concentrate on enhancing the way of life of the beneficiaries.
Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah said the overhaul will include the new training programs that will improve the skills of the beneficiaries to be able to have good earnings.
“By means of this program, the beneficiaries will be offered extensive guidelines to look for better-earning possibilities, and enhance their standard of economy,” he said.
He said that the Government isnít only working on giving financial aid to the people, but also has aimed to provide the initiative to improve their living standards.
Irwan said that this step is in its devising stage and will soon be implemented.
The new BR1M program of 2017, which announced earlier in 2012, presently concentrates on the monetary aid of the low-income families.
In the meantime, Irwan said the proposed national medical coverage program is presently in its last phases of dialogue.
“It will be presented in the 2017 Budget once all talks and tweaking has been finished,” he said.
He said the national medical coverage program will have the capacity to help the lower-income families get premium and quality medical facilities and drugs.
He said that this budget will include the training program as well as the medical coverage program.


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